About me

I have 2 kids who are growing up far too quickly! Back then, with college on the horizon for the both of them I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I could use my 3D printing passion to help put them through school?". As a result, this etsy store was created.

Alex started CSU Long Beach in 2018 and has been chasing her Business Degree with extreme determination. She is maintaining a 3.6 GPA and is set to graduate a year early! She just started her third year, and is on track to graduate in May 2021.

Logan started UC San Diego on 9/24/19 and is pursuing his degree in Computer Science. He aced the math placement exam and was able to go straight to Calculus for Engineering his very first semester!

All proceeds from sales will continue to help me put my 2 wonderful children through school. Every little bit helps!

About me: I'm a Father, Husband, Former Marine, and Engineer. I dove into the 3D printing hobby some time ago by building my own machine. My adventure with 3D printing had begun, and it was love at first sight! 400 parts and 200 soldered connections later, I had the beginnings of what would later come to change everything about how I look at the world. Months worth of tweaking and upgrades later, I started to discover that I was only limited by my own imagination and available time. Fast forward five years and now I have 350,000+ print hours of experience, 86 home built precision FDM printers, 2 resin SLA printers to make my cast-able masters, and 13 MSLA resin printers. I can pressure cast resins in silicone molds for small-batch production runs. I even have a filament reclaimer and an extruder to make my own high quality in-house filament and truly make use of every last little bit of material. This hobby has officially gotten out of hand! With the new workshop I'm able to control every last variable in the process, producing truly exceptional results in a timely manner.

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